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Open with a particular problem

Every business idea meets a specific need and should solve a particular problem. Starting with the problem have better attention results to deeply understand the business idea necessity. If you have a personal connection to this problem, it's time to mention it. People who act out of personal pain will always raise more than those who don't- because they will gain better credibility and the perception of what exactly needed to solve.

Define the problem's opportunity. 

This is highly important because it also defines who are your competitors, and who seeks to solve the same problem by different means than those you have developed. Correctly defining the problem opportunity, enables the investor to deeply understand your business idea necessity and how you are different.

Define exactly what is your product. 

Amazing how many times I saw a slide of a product and didn't understand what the product was. Is it hardware, software, integration? Present it short and clear to understand. 

What exactly are you solving?

A product can solve a completely different problem for different types of users - it is important to define who the potential users are and what the problem is for them. Present quantitative figures that can give credibility and depth of demand understanding.

You have to know exactly what you want and WHY you want it. 

You want to give the investor the ability to analyze where the company is going. He needs to understand exactly what the company will achieve with the money. In an early-stage, the investor also wants to know that there will be continued investments. 


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Rinat Keinan

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Rinat Keinan holds an M.Des in industrial design and has 12 years of experience in the field as a Marketing Manager for global leading brands with high achievement awards for business & strategy success, in various marketing positions.

Her pipeline guide was highly evaluated by a worldwide leading feminine 1 million entrepreneurs organization as “essential read for the idea generators- wanting to transform their idea into reality”


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