How To Find Investors For Your Business?

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Who are the best investors you want to find? 

If you target any investor possible, you will hear a lot of ‘NO’ along the way. Most experienced founders will say their golden tip as - ‘you should knock on every door possible’, and you probably heard that by now at least once. In my opinion, this approach is very dangerous, because alongside the high time consuming it involved, it will also emotionally worn you down!

For me, it’s the same as identifying your potential users, filtering your audience will make you improve the outcomes. Do you want attentive investors? Filter these 3 questions to identify who are the best investors you want to find: 

Does the investor have expertise regarding your business field? Why? If the investor isn’t an expert within your business field, he wouldn’t value correctly your business opportunity or need!

Does the investor have connections relevant to your business field? Why? connections help save time/efforts/budget and most importantly, help leverage your business starting point!

Does the investor have an agenda goal-related to your business subject?  Why? If the investor has an agenda related to your business subject, he will have an active motivation to help you!

Where you want to find investors?

You can find investors in meet-up's, conventions and many other forms or shapes of business gatherings. The truth is that you will not shine your best there - too many founders like you seeking the same thing and fewer investors to listen closely. You want to approach investors without competition on attention, so you need to know where they are. Investors are not going to be on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook but they will have a presence on Linkedin. In Fact, 93% of marketers consider Linkedin to be the most effective lead generation source. I agree with that! Also, from looking and reading their profile, you will answer your 3 filtering questions before approaching! How you do it? 

  1. Type "your business field" in the search bar, choose 2nd or 3rd connections 

  2. Choose a relevant country for your identified business opportunity 

  3. Under All Filters, Under "Company" type in “Capital”, “Venture” or “Holdings” or "Investor" (Most Venture Capital firms use these words in their title - Private Investors Angels use the term, Investors.)

What should be your focus? Leverage - Not Only Money!

This is the time to explore, read and to know everything important on your potential investor. Your mindset should focus on finding investors that can take you far, not only provide money. If you prepared your pitch well, there will be a demand for investments. If you aren't confident reading this sentence,  go back and work on your pitch proposal. When you have a winning pitch, 100% there will be a demand for investments!

But you need to want the money that comes with leverage:

  1. An investor that can organize a pilot in a company - very important for business validation

  2. An investor that can organize regulation connections - to improve approvals timing process

  3. An investor that can improve your business cost/cogs or improve your business outcome

When do you want to approach? 

The ‘WHEN’ is really important. Once approaching, there will be questions back to you. It’s highly important to know well about your business subject. Of course, a winning pitch will cover all the important information,  make sure that you have one, before reaching out. 

  1. Know well your market-fit

  2. Know well your demand-fit

  3. Know well your features added value & differentiation 

  4. Know well the user decision-making for need/want

  5. Know well your sale-plan-fit

  6. Know well your marketing plan -fit

  7. Know well your milestones and what you need

The big HOW TO


Write a custom invitation to connect email and include these following introduction: 


Hey [name], 

Being [ something about him that is relevant], you probably know [shocking statistic regarding your business field & his expertise knowledge).  

We identified [ teaser solution from your business idea] that can change this statistic by/with [time/percentage/cost/value] 


My name is [ name] and I have x years experience/involvement/knowledge and a vision for [better outcome]! 

Add a one-pager teaser.


A winning one-pager can increase by a 76% reply for a meeting. 

It always good to close with a question, would you like more information? I will be happy to meet for a pitch 


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