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"In her new book, Rinat Keinan leverages her unique combination of experiences from the famous "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design" and from working with brilliant Israeli entrepreneurs.

This asset enabled her to design a unique approach and an eye-catching guide book that can contribute new angles and insights to so many innovators"

Eran Flumin, CEO, Strategic Moves

Research & Innovation based Planning & Funding of Strategic Moves for Growth and former CEO (Israel), Frost & Sullivan

"In her new book, Rinat Keinan gives a different angle of passion, which allows the reader to achieve the impossible by the clean way of contemplation. This “how-to” book shows a way to flawlessly combine the practices, methods, modules, and play with them in simple ways to perform innovatively and produce some “irrational” results. This is real innovation!"

Marianne Galperin, CEO

A Tsunami survivor, a lecturer and combines

Hi-tech, Science, and Miracles while consulting

to startups and entrepreneurs

"The book provides students of entrepreneurship and budding entrepreneurs a practical framework for designing and analyzing their market research and validation process and best practices to manage common challenges facing new and disruptive businesses"

Liat Aaronson, Active Chair

Zell Entrepreneurship Program, Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, IDC Herzliya.

"The new book "Business Empowerment",

by Rinat Keinan provides a clear and proven methodology for startups. The structure's stages, the many examples and tool kit is an empowering tool for startups, helping them to make it through the first stages, the ups and downs that entrepreneurship throws at them"

Carmit Oron Co-Founder & CEO

The ACT Hub - Leading Israel's food-tech & the WMN +250 women entrepreneurship.

"Illuminating, methodical, practical.

For me, a different and unique concept of transmitting information through a book"



Dr. Adam Reuter - Chairman of Hedgewiz. Author

Hedgewiz - the largest financial risk management company in Israel. Author. DBA degree in finance.

"Rinat has found a way for us to have a Mentor that makes me feel less alone with a finger reach. Lennon sail once:"U may say I'm a dreamer' but I'm not the only one... "  Rinat's book helps me know that"

The WWW - Global leading women community.

15 Years of experience mentoring Israel's leaders.