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How To Fund, Sell & Market Any Business Idea, Without Expertise,Time Or Budget!

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      Marketing Plan FIT

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      The proactive tactics are inspired by the decision-making process of the classic pipeline business model that can predict +60% success rate and also provide design thinking tools with visual, practical and quick results unique process which can increase creativity and explore more possibilities!

      The Best Techniques For People Who Don't Have Time And Want To See Results Now!

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      Essential read: So often we hear about people who have great ideas but never actually turn them into reality - that's the difference between entrepreneurs and would-be business builders. Entrepreneurs find a way of turning ideas into viable businesses, but everyone needs help in the early days to get those ideas off the paper and into practical implementation. Rinat Keinan's book Pipeline guide is a really practical, example-driven resource that helps all those idea generators to turn them into reality  

      Melanie Hawken, Founder and CEO  

      Lionesses of Africa - a global community of 1million women entrepreneurs 

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      Great Tips

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      Market Fit Technique!

      How to discover business markets for best fit

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours

      Demand Fit Technique!

      How to discover business users for best fit

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours

      New Idea Fit Technique!

      How to discover best business ideas 

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours

      Features Fit Technique!

      How to develop core business features 

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours

      Branding Fit Technique!

      How to create business branding simulations

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours

      Validation Technique!

      How to receive validation from users

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours 

      Sale Plan Fit Technique!

      How to build the best business sale plan

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours

      Marketing Plan Fit Technique!

      How to build the best business marketing plan

      Receive best results in 1-3 hours

      Essential Book- Think As Marketer!

      How to transform an idea into success

      4-5 hours reading


      Senior Marketing Manager, Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder of The PIPELINE Techniques Tools. 


      Rinat Keinan holds an M.Des in industrial design and has 12 years of experience in the field as a Marketing Manager for global leading brands with high achievement awards for business & strategy success, in various marketing positions.


      Rinat has developed unique business strategy techniques that can quickly and easily improve business result for any business idea, at any stage. In the last 5 years, she has implemented these techniques with many startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses in different industries. The proven success stories can be found as practice sharing and guidance techniques, inside the high-quality print books, accelerator online catalog & online monthly academy. These techniques can also improve startup business plan funding rate - they helped founders raise 1,200,000$ in two months!


      Her pipeline guide was highly evaluated by a worldwide leading feminine 1 million entrepreneurs organization as “essential read for the idea generators- wanting to transform their idea into reality


      If you have a business idea and you want to go far, these unique techniques will help you discover how far your business idea can go!

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